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Tomcat Matata's miraculous recovery from "POISONING" with me as the "Cat Veterinarian".

Friday(25-7-2014) Tomcat Matata  has a miraculous recovery from accidental "Shampoo Poisoning" :- On Friday(25-7-2014) i gave 5 year old  Tomcat Matata a "Anti-Flea shampoo" bathe using "Bayo Pet Brand Bolfo Shampoo" recommended for both dogs and cats.After the bathe everything was normal and he got dried naturally.Next morning i found "Cat Vomit" and initially thought that it was cat "Matahari" that vomited as she normally did, vomiting her hairballs.In the afternoon found vomit with traces of blood and realized that it was tomcat Matata that was sick.He had vomited after a bathe once before and seems that the shampoo chemical ingredient was ingested into his system by "Fur Licking", a normal practice of any cat.
Tomcat Matata in deep meditation in a rare posture with the chair as his pillow cushion. Akin to a "Madame Tussaud" exhibit absolutely still without movement.The ultimate Cats lifestyle and lucky to have a obliging human owner.
.I was worried as unlike cat Matahari i could never ever take Matata to the veterinarian as he was scared and vicious when caged or handled by strangers, akin to a wild cat.Akin to a leopard the only method of examining him was by tranquilizing him, bizarre for a pet house cat.I decided to treat him myself and kept him on a more liquid diet of mince meat/soup avoiding adding of carbohydrates like rice, his normal food.The "Blood Vomiting" gradually decreased although the vomiting didn't subside, just became less frequent.In my deepest thoughts i thought that i would lose him to accidental poisoning hoping that he would recover with my  feeding methods as cats are very resilient animals.Finally on Monday(28-7-2014) his vomiting stopped and he became his normal self, eating hearty normal rice/minced meat food and also passing normal stools.Cat Matata has used one of his 9 lives, the closest he had come to death due to accidental shampoo poisoning.Cat owners please beware of the "Anti Flea/Tick Shampoo"  that you use for your pet cat as some shampoo's can be harmful and even kill your cat as it almost happened to tomcat Matata. Most "Anti Fleas/Tick Shampoo's" are manufactured for dogs and are not meant for cats as their system is more delicate than dogs, besides, cats can't be thoroughly wiped dry after a bathe unlike dogs.At times some of the shampoo solution might remain on the cats fur and later licking of the fur by the cat causes the poisoning in the animal.Later after a few months i did give Matata bathe with the same shampoo but made sure it was completely washed from his fur coat.He was absolutely normal after the bathe  and hence seems  that he must have licked some unwashed shampoo  the time he almost lost his life after the "Shampoo Bathe".
"Mumbai street cat" at the cat show.Plans to create a new local breed called "BILLIE"

Mumbai has its first "INTERNATIONAL CAT SHOW" on Sat/Sunday 27th/28th September 2014 :- The first cat show in India was held in Bangalore on Saturday April 27th and Sunday April 28th in 2013 at the "Chancery Pavillion". It was a success and now Mumbai was awaiting its first cat show and the same was held at the "Stallion Banquets" in Prabhadevi, walking distance from my residence.The  cat show  was held on two days akin to a dog show and conducted by the one year old "Indian Cat Federation" owing allegiance to the "World Cat Federation" of Germany.It was titled "Whiskas 2nd International cat show of India" as it was sponsored by pet food manufacturers "Whiskas".Sadly i couldn't exhibit "Matata " due to his aggressive nature towards other cats as well as his shyness of strangers .He is a miniature leopard in temperament, very bizarre for a "Traditional Persian cat" which are considered "Toy pets" by their owners.Another unbelievable fact is that he doesn't know to mate, something very natural in animals.Akin to producing a local breed "BILLIE" i also had plans to mate tomcat "Matata" with his dam "Matahari" and later line breed a new local "Mumbai Traditional cat".My idea was  a grand failure and hope "BILLIE" proves successful in establishing a local Indian bred cat from the common "Street Cat" species akin to the "Arabian Mau" in the Middle-East.Since it was the first ever cat show in Mumbai there were teething problems on the first day but the show was a success and cat owners/fanciers became acquaintances through their cats.Finally a "CAT SHOW" has taken roots in Mumbai city and this should be a annual event akin to "Dog Shows".
"Whiskas 2nd International cat show of India" 
LIVING WITH CATS :-  Thursday (21/6/2018) Summer Solstice Day. ANY FILM OR MODELING ROLES FOR CATS AND MASTER : - Watching the " France v/s Peru " Football World cup qualifiers  match on T.. V. :- Photographer House Caretaker M/s Sabina. Dias

Friday(17-10-2014) Luxury "Whiskas cat food" for the first time :- Cat Matata has been fed on a diet of "HOME COOKED FOOD" consisting of "Minced meat + Rice" and sometimes morsels of fish.This has been his  staple diet since the time  of his birth in  my household  in 2009.At the "Mumbai Cat show" i happened to get 2 packets of "Whiskas Ocean fish", each packet being of 85 gms.I wanted to see if he would eat the jelly type cat food and to my surprise he relished the same.It is recommended to be served at the rate of 1 packet/1 Kg of the cats weight.This was just a complimentary gift and i don't intend feeding my two cats packaged food. Will only feed them in case of emergency.One strange fact that i observed was that although i gave both my fat cats only half of the 85gms packet they seemed content and satisfied.Actually each cat would require a minimum of 3 packets /1 food sitting as per the formula of 1 packet for every 1kg weight of the cat.Here i gave both the cats just 1 packet and they were snoring to glory the entire day !
"Beware cat impostors  before stepping into my domain.I have the longest whiskers and any challengers to the title ? " warns Tomcat Matata.

Monday(8/7/2019) 10 Year old Tomcat Matata survives "Food Poisoning" :- Both the cat's have a habit of vomiting occasionally especially  12 year old "Matahari" who habitually vomits "Fur Balls".On Monday morning noticed  a large vomit collection on the floor without any furball and presumed it was Tomcat "Matata"
Photo after his "Food Poisoning" recovery
                                                                                                           .Later during the day noticed another vomit on the floor and realized something was wrong with the cat. Fed "Matata" some food and he instantly vomited the same sending panic reactions into my mind. In 10 years of his life-span i have never taken him to the Veterinarian as his temperament is akin to a wild cat with a tendency to scratch and bite.I was only hoping he had not contacted a "Virus" or suffering from "Kidney Disease" or a "Digestive system" blockage.Taking him to the Vet was out of the question as he would require anesthesia for treatment.As a administrator of 2 Cat sites "Mumbai Cat Club" and "Persian cats Original Long Hair & Ultra.Breeding and Upkeep" on "Facebook" had the half knowledge of a "Cat Veterinarian" and hence gambled on my own medical treatment for "Tomcat Matata".Decided to change his food diet  from "Boiled Minced meat /Rice/Fish" to "Boiled Chicken Liver/Fish/Rice".Ground the boiled chicken liver along with rice in the mixer-grinder turning it into a thin sticky paste . He reluctantly ate a little of the "Chicken Liver/Fish/Rice" paste and vomited the same after some time.Now it was definitely a "Medical Emergency" and decided to again feed him a little at night just before bed time.He did eat a little food at night and didn't vomit.At about 0300 hrs woke up and was shocked to see him sleeping almost motionless on his favourite chair. Shook him a bit thinking he was unconscious and to my surprise he suddenly got up from his deep slumber and grabbed my hand in his mouth.Typical aggressive "Matata Temperament" which made me happy as he seemed normal.At daybreak house-keeper Sabina fed him the usual "Chicken liver/rice" meal and he seemed normal.He was no longer vomiting although his movements were sluggish and feeble due to weakness of vomiting and food starvation.Gradually he regained his strength and finally on Friday(12/7/2019) he was back to his normal self and normal food diet.What confused me was the reason for his vomiting which remains  a mystery .Did he accidentally eat something from the floor that upset his digestive tract ? Did he catch and eat a lizard which caused the food poisoning ? Both he and "Matahari" eat the same food from the same plate and hence no chances of the food being poisoned  otherwise cat "Matahari" too would have suffered from "Food Poisoning" .I am no Sherlock.Holmes nor a qualified Veterinarian  but exhilarated that this food poisoning episode had a happy ending.

"Cat Matahari" at her last resting place in the house. She expired below the vintage "Camera Stand" a true "PHOTOGENIC CAT"

. On Saturday(22/8/2020) iconic Queen cat "Matahari" a catalyst of the formation of "CAT CLUBS" in India succumbed to a illness.She expired in the morning at approx 0800 hrs after suddenly taking ill yesterday morning with the most probable cause being cancer combined with "Old age".In human terms she was 68 + years old.She died peacefully surrounded by her human family and with her 11 year old kitten now "Tomcat Matata" keeping a vigil over her. 13 years + is a long lifespan and she filled my life with "Cat humour" and entertainment besides being the inspiration role model for creating "Cat Clubs" as well as a catalyst in formation of India's first "Cat Show".
Burial of cat "Matahari" on Prabhadevi beach.

Now there is one less member in my household but the memories will live on.The image of her sitting on the window gallery ledge for the last 12 ++ years will be missed by one and all.To quote Lord Alfred Tennyson , quote, "Its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all".She was buried at iconic "PRABHADEVI BEACH" which is the sea facing graveyard of my previous two dog's "Blondie" and "Lucky" as well as cat "Trixie".Thanks to fisherman Shri Mahadeo for digging the grave at a time when the "Coronavirus Pandemic" is creating havoc and a scare among us all humans.Yes, the SEA always beckons the living as well as the dead . R.I.P "Matahari".
Tomcat "Matata" was totally lost without his companion and as for me definitely felt the loss of a member of my household.As the day's passed noticed a change in the behaviour of 11 year old "Tomcat Matata" who became lethargic avoiding sitting on the window ledge .He would sniff around the house searching for his Dam especially near the vintage camera stand which was her last resting place in the house where she lived for exactly 13 years.Bizarre and true.Finally after a week "Tomcat Matata" jumped onto the gallery ledge at night for a view below but after that totally avoided this addictive dangerous death defying habit of his Dam "Queen cat Matahari".
 "Tomcat Matata" keeping a regular night vigil near the locale where "Queen cat Matahari" expired .Yes , cats do feel the loss of their kind

 .Every cat has his or her own distinct personality and behaviour. Queen cat "Matahari" was with me for 13 years and her behaviour and intelligence totally different from 11 year old "Tomcat Matata". Tomcat "Matata" was a proven fact of the term "COPY CAT" as he would copy whatever his Dam "Matahari" did and she was the Alpha cat between the two of them . He would allow her to eat first and also sit in the same place once she vacated the same . He also had a few almost murderous "CAT FIGHTS" with her in which i had to intervene to separate, having once taken "Matahari" to the Vet for treatment of a viscous gash by Tomcat "Matata".I have clicked a photo of him sleeping near the locale where she expired which he now repeats every night.
My usual morning locale in the house in the morning  without "Queen Cat Matahari" sitting on the gallery window ledge. Her place has been taken by a crow while "Tomcat Matata" sleeps lazily on the couch rest .

Have now adjusted to the morning "BREAKFAST SHOW" without "Queen Cat Matahari" sitting on the gallery window ledge. Her place has been taken by a crow while "Tomcat Matata" sleeps lazily on the couch rest . Proves the fact that in life "CHANGE IS PERMANANT". This crow is a daily early morning visitor to my house and won't budge unless given a few morsels of breakfast.Unlike his Dam "Matahari" he doesn't love sitting on the gallery ledge but used to "COPYCAT" her behaviour. I could get a a "PhD" detailing the habits and behaviour of household cat's using my own "Cat's" as study subjects.One fact i have observed is that the word "COPYCAT" fits perfectly in the habits and behaviour of household cats. 11 year old "Tomcat Matata" is a total "COPYCAT" of his late Dam 13 year old "Queen Cat Matahari".
One of the favourite spots in the house 

As a former horse racing punter having completed my "Silver Jubilee" attendances of horse racing over the decades could compare "Tomcat Matata" to the gelding "Dancing Prances" owned by M/s Ashok Ranpise, Dinsha P Shroff, Solomon F Sopher and Mrs Mozelle Kelly of whom Mr Solomon.Sopher always led this amazing sprinter into the victory padock after its wins."Dancing Prances" trained by Mr Altaff.Hussain was the best sprinter i witnessed in a quarter of a century and definitely the best in the Country of his generation."Horse for Courses" is the proverb and "Dancing Prances" was a 1200 meters horse that i discovered and witnessed as a common punter at the Mahalaxmi racecourse in Mumbai.Twice I placed "Whale Bets" on "Dancing Prances" for "Place Money" and earned dividends."Dancing Prances" was foaled in 2010 and hence 10 years in 2020, a year younger than "Matata" and now definitely in retirement.In horse racing comparison if late "Queen cat Matahari" was "Ouija Board" then "Matata" is the local "Dancing Prances" now in retirement .
Carpentry work at home while "Matata" boldly sit's on the coffee table. Normally he dreads the presence of strangers.

On Tuesday(27/10/2020) observed a unbelievable change in behavior in the personality of " Tomcat Matata" since the abrupt death of his 13 year old Dam " Matahari " in August 2020. He has turned more bold and assertive as seen in this photo sitting boldly on the coffee-table while minor carpentry work is in progress just next to him .Normally he used to always hide and run away from strangers while his Dam " Matahari" would aristocratically sit on the table or chair.This is the first time in his lifetime that he is sitting confidently in the centre of the house in the presence of total strangers as well as noise disturbances due to the carpentry in progress.Seems Tomcat " Matata" has realized his responsibility from a lonely 11 1/2 year old kitten to a now decision making lonely 11.5 year old Tomcat.Late Queen cat "Matahari" was the Alpha female whom he copied and mimicked in behaviour and has now grown out of her shadow charting his own behaviour within his house jungle territory."Change is permanent even in the Cat World ".We humans can learn a lot observing our pets and nature as i have done.
The above photo was taken on Saturday(5/12/2020) .Working from home since 2006 has made me observant of my cat's behaviour postures.At my desk-top suddenly looked up to see 11 year old Tomcat "Matata" in this aristocratic posture akin to a display on the show table at a dog show contest.Since the demise of his Dam 13 year old " Matahari" in August he is destined for a lonely life and has lost his " COPYCAT" habits as he has no inspiration to "COPYCAT".Most importantly he has totally forgotten the habit of sitting on the house gallery ledge or kitchen window ledge which he learnt from his Dam "Matahari". Entered the new year of 2021 with the absence of Queen cat "Matahari" and seems "Matata" has adjusted to being the loner in the house.In the first week of January house keeper Sabina.Dias had been away from home for a few day's and it was then that i realized the attachment 11 year old "Tomcat Matata" had towards his human companion.As mentioned in this biography among the two cat's, "Matahari" was absolutely attached to me while "Tomcat Matata" was attached to my house keeper Sabina.I couldn't believe the fact of seeing "Tomcat Matata" sleeping the entire day on house keeper Sabina's bed, something he never ever did while she was in the house.
He also initially refused his food as she would pamper him to eat akin to coaxing a young child which i didn't , the stern disciplinarian.He finally ate his food due to hunger but was very aloof for 2 day's until she arrived home. He then got back to his normal "Cat Behaviour" in the house proving the fact that within a household cat's have their favourite human companion.As a fan and former punter in the sport of "HORSE RACING" i knew very well that every horse in a stable was more attatched to its "Syce" who cared and fed it than the owner who must have spent lakhs or even a crore of rupees in purchasing the race horse.
"Matata" is the last of my pet's along a long lineage of pet's in our household since my childhood in Mombasa (Kenya).22 year old Alexandrine parakeet" Mittoo"  seen in the glass showcase has been my longest lived pet and was akin to a small child in intelligence and behaviour.

Similarly "Tomcat Matata" recognized house caretaker Sabina as his non human companion rather than me the person who helped in his birth and financially maintaining him.This is one reason i like my pets as unlike humans they are non-judgemental.Any domesticated animal cannot differentiate between financial or social status of its human companions and hence a street side pet will be comfortable and in awe of its homeless human owner akin to a pet living in the confines of luxury housing.Yes we humans can learn a lot by just observing nature and our pets . At least i have learned immensely over the decades since childhood owning a variety of pets
Watching vintage "T.V" on Friday(5/2/2021) in his very comic posture, the eternal clown of my house.

Since the last one year "Tomcat Matata" has developed sneezing and breathing problems which has scared us on numerous occasions. At times  he would suddenly "Sneeze" or face difficulty in breathing akin to a human "Asthmatic Patient". A few months back i had visited the "Parel Veterinary Hospital" to inquire about his strange sneezing and "Asthmatic" breathing difficulty. The Veterinarian told me that unless she examined the patient the sickness could not be diagnized and so i returned home without a answer or remedy.As mentioned before "Matata's" temperament is akin to a big wild cat and it would require anaesthesia to get him examined and handled by a veterinary doctor. On Monday(1/2/2021)  "Tomcat Matata" gave us the biggest fright of our lives when in the morning after being bushed he suddenly started sneezing and also breathing rapidly akin to being choked for air. A little blood also oozed from his mouth and  i thought this was the end of the lifespan of "Tomcat Matata".Thankfully after some time the sneezing and coughing stopped and he resumed to his normal behaviour.Beside's these strange attacks akin to "Fits"he is perfectly normal.Nothing can be done and as "Matata" ages hope he survives these sudden attacks of "Sneezing" Breathing" difficulties.
"Ain't i a handsome specimen of my species " say's Tomcat "Matata" on completion of 12 years on Monday(29/3/2021)..How soon the decade and the years have passed my household with "Tomcat Matata" being a permanent member having never ever stepped out of this house since kittenhood .He has also never visited the Veterinarian since the last 12 years .Sadly with the passing away of his Dam,the one and only  "Matahari" in August 2020  he is all alone at home with us humans as  his companions.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Matata" the Persian Cat.Kittenhood to "Cat Walks".

Matahari had given birth to 6 kittens on Sunday(29-3-2009) of which i have given a detailed history in "Matahari's Catster diary", the first born being "Matata".Two of the six kittens opened their eyes on the 8th day since their birth on sunday(29-3-2009).The kittens have their own different personalities, with the first born(Matata) and only coloured kitten(Chocolate brown) being the most aggressive while feeding, fighting with all its other siblings to reach its mothers teats.One of the other 5 white coloured kittens is a screamer, yelling whenever it misses its siblings or mother.The rest were quite, some having grown round and fat , a few thin and all survived to adulthood.Matahari was an excellent "Queen" taking care of her kittens, allowing us to touch them without any fuss.At the slightest scream of any kitten she immediately rushed to the brood if she was out of her den,either feeding or interacting with us.She is the model of a caring mother cat.On Wednesday(8-4-2009) the tenth day after their birth, all 6 kittens eyes opened partially.
Matahari's 6 kittens at 29 days old were running all over the gallery in their temporary cattery.Each kitten has its own unique personality, a few active, few lazy and a few always wrestling with their fellow siblings.Matahari had gained a little weight and her appetite too had increased, the same as when she was in gestation after mating. As yet, i couldn't determine the sex of the kittens and hence a male could be a female or vice-versa, very difficult to detect their sex at this age by a "Hobby Breeder".The Brown coloured kitten(Matata) was the "Alpha Kitten" of the pack and since birth had been the leader in performing all the initial developments of kitten-hood progress.On Thursday(7-5-2009) the stud owner of the Crawford Market Pet-shop,Mr Imran Khan came over to my house and took 2 kittens at 39 days old.
The kittens developed rapidly after the 4th week, and among them were the dominant kittens and the laggards, "Matata" being the absolute "Alpha kitten", his or her sex still undetermined, even after 40 days!?Unlike dogs, amongst cats kittens its absolutely difficult to "AUTHENTICALLY" determine their sex , even by "PET SHOP EXPERTS", habituated with buying ,breeding and selling kittens. On Friday(5-6-2009)sold the rest of the 3 white kittens to the pet shop owner Mr Imran.Khan at Rs4000(Us $'s 84!)each, a pittance compared to the purchase of Matahari as a similar kitten for Rs 14,000(U.S $'S 350!) in August 2007 .Economic depression has taken its toll on everything including the price of doll-faced persian cats in Mumbai.
On Monday(22-6-2009),took kitten "Matata" to the vet at "Shivaji Park animal clinic" run by Dr Satish Rajhans and it was vaccinated by Dr Chavan.For the first time i also confirmed the sex of "Matata" as a male.Kittens unlike puppies are very difficult to detect their sex, especially furry kittens like doll-faced Persians.The vaccination cost Rs500(11 US$'S approx) and pet care is very expensive in Mumbai comparitively to the cost of living and purchasing power of the Indian rupee."Matata" is light brown in colour and a copybook model replica of the "Doll-Faced kitten" as shown in glossy magazines.
Hope he matures into a handsome cat as kittens change drastically as they mature and age, a prime example is "Matata's" mother "Matahari" who at the age of 2 resembles an exotic white doll-faced Persian leopard cat!Kitten Matata was given its first "De-worming tablet" on 23-6-2009.

A quarter tablet of "Ploun(cazole)" was given to him. The same dosage to be repeated after 15 days.Matata has developed into a fat plump kitten, absolutely mischievous and also lazy.His fur coat is sleek and thick and he resembles more of the original "Doll-Faced Persian breed", a freak amongst his 5 other siblings who resembled their parents and more of the "Angora Breed Genes" in their physique and breed behavior.The other 5 kittens of Matahari which were pure snow white like her were very agile in climbing unlike "Matata" who is clumsy at climbing, having short legs and a stubby fat body structure.Matata is never fussy about his food unlike his mother "Matahari" and eats anything edible, hence could survive under any condition akin to feral cats, a hardy tough kitten. Bathing should be made a habit from "Kitten-hood" otherwise its difficult as cats just hate water unlike their larger cousins "Tigers".I bathe Matata once a month , beginning his first bathe as a 1 1/2 month old kitten along with his 5 other siblings.Crawford Market Pet shop breeder, Mr Imran.Khan advised me to use "Johnson Baby shampoo" for bathing and controlling flea's, which he regularly uses as he deals in a large number of various pets.I previously used human soap for bathing matata's mother Matahari, but realized that it caused rashes and after changing over to "Johnson's baby shampoo" the rashes on cat matahari's skin have ceased. I bathed Matata on Tuesday(4-8-2009) in the bathroom with the door closed so that he couldn't run away into the house, but, just stand in a corner of the bathroom while i showered him and later applied "Johnsons baby lotion" instead of soap.My advice, apply a mild shampoo for your cats as ordinary human soaps are too harsh for their skin and could later cause skin rashes.On Sunday(29-8-2009)Kitten Matata had completed 5 months and grown into a mischievous fat kitten.
Eating is his hobby and he consumes anything and everything that is "Non-Vegetarian", worse than feral cats, something bizarre.He has developed into a beautiful and fat chubby kitten, a poster boy for the "DOLL FACED KITTEN" species.He is "Toilet trained", hence no major "cat problems" of messing around the entire house.
Tomcat Matata ,aged 4 years sporting one of the longest "Cat whiskers".
                                                                             The term "COPY CAT" can be understood by observing kitten Matata and his mother Matahari as he just duplicates her behavior, something humorous and also dangerous including the dangerous habit of jumping out of the house balcony onto the parapit ledge.Checked Matata's weight on Monday(5-10-2009)at the age of 6 months and he weighs a massive 3 kilos(6.6 pounds).He is short and stubby, a true "Traditional(doll Faced) Persian" model cat.
At 6 months of age kitten "Matata" has redifined the human term "COPYCAT". He imitates each and every movement of his dam Queen cat Matahari and just today , Sunday(11-10-2009) he demonstrated the infamous " CAT SUICIDE WALK" patented by Matahari.In the morning at approx 0700 hrs he went out of the bedroom window sill grating and came inside after the narrow walk on the 3'' ledge with a sheer drop 5 storeys below. "Cat Experts" are still "LEARNING" the behavior and characteristics of various cat breeds. Kitten Matata is very intelligent and its behavior is akin to a puppy rather than a kitten, barring its suicidal skills of climbing onto window ledges. He knows when he commits a mistake and akin to a human child quickly regrets the same, running away from the scene of "Mischief"! After spanking him for going out of the bedroom and kitchen windows he now avoids the same but still goes out and looks outside the window grails. He quickly runs away on seeing me approaching him, absolutely hilarious. Regarding "Eating Habits", they have a hierarchial order of eating with dam Queen cat Matahari eating the lions share and later kitten matata feeding on the leftovers. I feed them in the same plate and both eat together without any quarreling but after a few bites kitten Matata drifts from the plate allowing Matahari to have her complete feed. He later goes and eats again after she has finished her share of the food. Matata, unlike his dam Matahari has the habit of eating our "Table Leftovers" and relishes this food much more than his actual "cat Food" of "Mince meat/boiled rice" and hence also has the peculiar habit of waiting till we finish our meals and then eating his "Cat food" if he doesn't get any tit-bits from us.
Friday(3-5-2013):- Tomcat matata  sitting dangerously on the house gallery ledge.
Unlike his dam Queen cat matahari who has longer legs and a more slimmer body configuration, Matata is the prototype "Doll-Faced (Traditional) Persian" cat, short with stubby legs and slightly obese to boot, the ultimate "FAT CAT". Hence his agility in climbing and jumping is a total non-description of the prototype "Persian cat", a normally very docile and pampered breed, a typical lap cat. My ownership, observation and breeding of Persian cats Matahari and Matata have made me realize that the

Matata just lives to eat, a unstoppable eating machine and is the "MODEL KITTEN FOR GLUTTONY"! Whats the reason for this extreme gluttony? Is it a hormonal deficiency? I have never seen either a dog or cat having a tendency for "Gluttony" as has "Matata".I owned two dogs , a spitz "Blondie" between 1976 to 1984 and a dachshund "Lucky" between 1985 to 1994. Both were never as gluttonous as kitten "Matata".Guaranteed,"Matata" would win a 1st prize in any "Cat Competition" concerning "Eating". Another strange habit about "Matata" is that he imitates his dam "Matahari" to the "T", copying everything she does, including her death defying "window balance" cat walks, a cat- owners nightmare.
A photo shoot with one of my my non-human family members, tomcat matata , before a "SOLO BACKPACKER TOUR OF SRI LANKA" (Thursday 18-10-2012).

"Matata" is more "Dog-like" than "Catlike" in his behaviour and since i owned two dogs prior to owning cats, the similarities are bizarre.He is a dog trapped in a cats body. He is very fond of our meal titbit's during our lunch or dinner and runs like a dog when called by name between me and the house-keeper Sabina.Dias to get tit-bits from us both. I have never seen a cat running towards its master or owner unlike dogs although they do respond to their name.Another factor is his deceptively looking plump stature which makes us humans think he is a clumsy climber, a feline laggard as are most "Persian Cats" compared to other cat breeds.This has been proved totally wrong as although he was a slow learner compared to his siblings during kitten-hood, now, aged 8 months , has climbed every nook and corner that his dam "Matahari" has accomplished. In physical structure he is an ideal replica of the "Traditional doll Faced Persian Cat" that adorned "Cat Magazines" a decade ago before arrival of the "Flat-Faced Persian cat" onto the "Cat Shows". 
Tuesday(9-4-2013) :- A Rare Candid photo of Tomcat Matata and his Dam,Queen cat Matahari.
"At the right place at the right time in the house"! Clicked this candid photo's of both my cats on the Coffee table sitting like a pair of "Miniature Lions".I have always tried to photograph both together in a "CANDID" pose never ever getting the right photo.Today it just happened. "LUCK" besides good photography equipment plays a major role in photography.Judge for yourselves these two "Cat Models".

"Matata" likes to play with his plastic ball and also follows us around the house akin to dogs which his dam "Matahari" doesn't mimic.Cats are more independent, hence the saying among pet owners, "You own a dog, but, a cat will own you"!
Tomcat Matata(Saturday 8-6-2013) :- A candid photo of Matata sleeping on the show-case.A portrait of my parents along with my prize winning dachshund bitch "Lucky" is in the background. A small statue model of  famed  Japanese comic book cat "Dayan"  purchased in Tokyo during my "Merchant Navy Employment" is also in the background.. The Japanese love cats and cat statues are symbols of "Good-Luck" in Japanese culture.
                                                                                                                       Every morning, "Matata" comes onto my bed at approx 0500 hrs just before i wake up and likes being petted akin to a dog, then he goes away for his breakfast preparations.He is an absolute adorable and loving pet, almost child-like in his attitude and behavior.Life would have definitely been very lonely without my cats "Matata" and "Matahari" without forgetting my oldest pet,unofficially India's best talking parakeet ,"Mittoo" .
 RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT BIZARRE BEHAVIOUR BY MATATA(Monday 1-7-2013) :-Matata is today 4 years and 3 months old, a tomcat who has not been castrated. He normally uses the toilet for his normal daily routines, occasionally urinating at odd places, typical of a mature male cat marking its territory.
On Monday(1-7-2013) he shocked me out of my mind by behaving like a possessed cat.In the afternoon he suddenly screamed in the kitchen and i was under the impression that he had attacked matahari as they sometimes do get into cat fights, one such fight almost proving fatal for matahari who was severely mauled.On rushing to the kitchen i was happy to realize that he was alone yet confused as to the reason for him screaming in succh a high pitched cat voice.Confused and puzzled i forgot this peculiar incident. At night i was having my normal dinner at the dining table when Matata suddenly jumped onto the table and over my plate. In his short life span in my house he never ever did such a thing, usually jumping on the table and posturing on the show-case shelf, the  favourite resting spot of both the house cats.Photographs of the same are on view. The next act of Matata was a knock-out blow.After jumping onto the table he quickly went to the table wall where i keep my World-tour memorabilia and souvenirs.Right in front of my eyes he urinated against the wall, myself speechless with shock at this totally unrealistic and bizarre behaviour.After urinating right in front of me at the dinner table he jumped back to the floor and acted as if nothing had happened.i didn't scold him as i understand animal behaviour having owned pets since the time i could walk and talk!What was the reason for this peculiar behaviour of tomcat matata ? Superstitious folks would presume some unworldly spirit had entered the cat as shown in the numerous horror movies all over the World.Was matata telling me that he is the "Alpha Cat" of the house ? Did he urinate in front of me on my table to show that the house is he's! Cat psychologists could be able to explain this bizarre and unbelievable behaviour of Tomcat matata on Monday(1-7-2013). My house-keeper Sabina.Dias was present in my house during this bizarre behaviour of tomcat matata since cat owners would think i am exaggerating for publicity.Now readers will know the reasons for me nicknaming tomcat Matata as "THE JOKER" of the house.He is truly entertaining and humorous, especially if he wants to attract the attention of his human care-takers.
"All Souls  Day(Saturday 2-11-2013)" :- Tomcat Matata loves sitting on the show-case that has my parents photo with a flower garland  and  the "Last Supper" mural on the wall.A typical Indian Catholic house-hold in Mumbai.
"TOMCAT MATATA" a total flop as a "STUD CAT"(July 2013) :- Queen cat Matahari has been on "Heat" since the last 2 days, indications being the normal female cat display of overt affection towards its human owners.She rubs herself against me or my house-keeper Sabina,rolling on the ground and rubbing her face against my slippers or my personal possessions. At 6 years of age she is in the last year or two of her fertility for kitten rearing.Strangely, Tomcat Matata at 4 years of age is totally "ILLITERATE' in the mating game, a bizarre failure as a "STUD CAT". He totally avoids her when she is on "Heat" and in fact is scared of her as she becomes playful and chases him around the house, typical mating game amongst cats.Strangely, when he approaches her she chases him and has never ever allowed him to mount her as would have been the case in a normal mating behaviour of cats.In fact a "Stud Cat" akin to a "Stud Horse" will immediately mount a female cat in heat , bold and daring irrespective of the female cats response.This was the manner in which Matahari got mated to the male stud i had brought home, the result being 6 kittens, the first born kitten being tomcat Matata.In fact this male stud cat was kept by the pet shop owner only for breeding purposes akin to a prized stud race-horse.She will be on heat for another day and then get back to her normal behaviour of eating and sleeping throughout the day and night .I don't intend mating Matahari to any other Persian cat for the sake of monetary profits although she is a excellent breeder and mother.As for Tomcat Matata, seems he is destined to be a celibate without ever experiencing the joys of sex! Bizarre. I wanted to "INBREED" the mother and son to produce a localized "MUMBAI PERSIAN CAT", a cat acclimatized to the damp humid weather of Mumbai. Humans will be aghast at a "Mother to Son or Father to Daughter " breeding as also most pet owners ignorant of "LINE-BREEDING" in animals for producing a new cat breed. All new cat and dog breeds were created through human intervention in choosing the mates for the breeding programme and initially always mated a "Father-Daughter or Mother-Son" to create a prototype of the new cat breed. Hence the "Punch faced (Ultra) Persian cat" was developed by humans through gradual breeding of the "Traditional Persian Cat" over a few years.The Breeding world is very cruel and a non-breeder like tomcat Matata would have either been euthanized or given away for adoption by a professional cat breeder or pet shop owner. My intentions and breeding plans have been a spectacular flop but in the process i have been lucky to own one of the most comical cat, half-dog and half-cat in behaviour, the one and only Tomcat Matata.
Animal Husbandry is a very difficult business and i am reminded of the spectacular flop of the American Billionaire/politician Late Mr Nelson.A.Rockefeller in setting a "PIG-BREEDING FARM" in South America for upliftment of poverty in rural Latin America..High quality Pigs were specially flown from U.S.A to a Country in South America but bizarrely they all turned out to be "STERILE" and hence that was the end of Mr Nelson.Rockefeller's brilliant scheme of setting up a "Pig Industry" in Latin America.If a Rockefeller with all the world's money could fail in "Animal Husbandry" then so could anyone else.Another World famous failure as a "STUD" was the horse "Cigar" which proved sterile after retirement from Horse-racing , also insured for the same by the owners !Today both the cats are my non-human children, the centre of my life at home along with India's best talking Alexandrine parakeet "Mittoo".
Saturday(9-11-2013) :- Tomcat Matata changes his favourite sleeping locations and in recent days its been next to my bed below by reading book chair.If wealthy i would have tried owning race-horses.

Tomcat Matata's mystery poisoning scare (Sunday 7-7-2013) :-
Have observed that Matata has been vomiting his food since   Saturday evening He has done this occasionally but on Sunday it was a vomiting of both his breakfast and later dinner.He seems totally normal and also passed normal stools, hence did  not suspect any virus infection.As mentioned, he was the hardiest and toughest cat , a habit to eat any non-vegetarian food including bones akin to a tiger or lion.We called him "Dustbin" as he relished our meat and fish  leftovers unlike his dam Matahari who is very selective in her food and not as robust or tough as Matata.I couldn't take Matata to the Vet as he is a miniature "Big Cat" in temperament, absolutely paranoid of strangers and open spaces. Akin to a tiger or lion he would have to be tranquilized before being administered medical treatment by a vet.In behaviour he was normal and active, no external signs of any sickness..I realized that he was suffering from some bout of minor "FOOD POISONING" and hence decided to give him fresh minced meat without much of fat content. On Monday morning went to the butchers shop on my mobike and purchased high quality non-fat minced beef meat.The same was boiled with rice and fed to both the cats.I initially  suspected that Matata was licking the "Cockroach poison" chalk marks that had been placed on the house floor but seems that was wrong. He must have ingested flakes of wall paint as he had the habit of sniffing and licking at house corners where some paint had peeled off from the walls.We banned him from entering the kitchen, his normal habit of venturing into kitchen corners and licking the paint. He is back to his normal habits and has stopped vomiting since Monday, eating his normal food twice a day.This was the biggest scare that Tomcat matata has given me since his birth 4 years ago as cats are very delicate akin to dogs and quickly succumb to a virus infection.All is well that ends well and both cats are back to normal behaviour and living.
FRIDAY(21-2-2014)UNEXPLAINED  HORROR BEHAVIOUR BY Tomcat Matata :On Friday(21-2-2014) i went to the "Dadar Voting Office" with my application for the "ADDRESS CORRECTION" in  my "VOTING DOCUMENTS".Got  a shock of my life when i viewed my entire family names in the area and building voting list as registered in the official Voting  Computer.The names absolutely fabricated, read like European names(EG :-Rudolfo andreu Furta).Anyone not knowing me or my parents names would think that some different family was residing in my house at "Vaibhav Apartments" in Mumbai ! Was the "VOTERS LIST NAMES" in the computer "HACKED"  and  bizarrely only my household  family names ?Remember, my Late parents have been voting since 1975 and had "Voting Cards" while i began my political voting rights after attaining 21 years of age.We have lived in the same building since 1975! How is it possible for the "VOTING COMPUTER" to show badly spelt and totally un-connected names. A spelling error could be of a single word or a few alphabets but definitely not the entire family names changed  ! I was told to write my name in "MARATHI" by the concerned  authority  and did so, with a little assistance from a gentleman in the inquiry queue.Imagine the fact that the entire family of "FURTADO'S" of  " Vaibhav Apartments" had been voting since 1975 under a different registered name in the "Maharashtra State Voting Register" ! If a celebrity like actor Anupam.Kher of "KUTCH BHI HO SAKTHA HAIN(ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN)" mega-hit play fame   goes to a "Voting Booth" and finds his name not on the voting list it becomes "T.V.NEWS".Imagine the legal mess the "VOTING BOOTHS" could cause if akin to "P.A.N" or a "PASSPORT" , the identity of "REGISTERED VOTERS" was accepted as a "IDENTITY PROOF" for "LEGAL DOCUMENTS AND STATUS". After correcting a decades old "VOTING BOOTH MISTAKE" i came home , amazed at the callousness in which some of the States  family history records are fabricated, unbelievable but true.Suddenly as i entered the house tomcat Matata jumped onto the show-case drawer and urinated on my parents photograph right in front of me and my house-keeper Sabina.Dias. He has never ever exhibited such bizarre behaviour in his entire life. His eyes changed colour while urinating, becoming fierce akin to a wild cat in a animal horror film.He normally does occasionally "SPRAY" urine in corners of the house, normal behaviour of a non-castrated male cat but has never ever urinated on the table in front of us.This bizarre behaviour shocked us and i kept quiet about the matter not even scolding him as i realized he would never be able to reason out his errant bizarre behaviour. After that he has never ever urinated on the table.
NOTE:- My  "PARENTS PHOTOGRAPH" on which "Matata" urinated  is shown in the blog with "Tomcat Matata" sleeping on the table.He likes visiting this location in my small house. CAN ANY CAT EXPERT OR BEHAVIORIST THROUGH SOME LIGHT ON THIS EXTREMELY BIZARRE BEHAVIOUR.
Clown "Matata"  in a unique sleep posture.

Tomcat Matata transforms into a "Elephant bull" in 'Musth' :-  As mentioned tomcat "Matata" yowls loudly at night at times causing us sleepless nights. He turns a bit crazy and  his food intake also decreases. He also tends to get aggressive towards his dam "Matahari". Worse is his urinary spraying all over the house, especially on tables and photo portraits.Worst was when he sprayed on my computer monitor on Friday(27-2-2015) almost making it non-operational.I got the computer screen dried through  the hairdryer and miraculously the monitor started functioning normally after a few erratic starts.I normally cover the printer with a cloth but on this particular day forgot the same and paid the penalty.This is the trouble having non-castrated male cats as pets at home.Worst irony is that tomcat matata is useless as a "Stud Cat" totally ignorant of the method of mating, a one in a million % defect in any normal animal .He deserves a place in the "Guinness Book of Records" for his uniqueness of being a impotent tomcat.Many animals are infertile but are able to mate  and  in the rarest of rare cases will you come across a cat like "Tomcat Matata" that just doesn't know the method of mating let alone later being proven infertile.The World famous American horse "Cigar" proved infertile at stud and a colossal loss to its owners later compensated by "Insurance" !.Tomcat Matata  feels the urge to mate and hence the sudden change in behaviour akin to a female cat in "Heat".During this period he also becomes restless and goes out of the house kitchen window demonstrating his unique daredevilry. A slip would mean a fall 5 floors below to the ground.After a week or two he returns to normal and later the same cycle begins all over again.
"Matata"  with his caretaker Sabina.Dias.

Thursday(1-5-2014) CATS DO NOT RECOGNIZE EACH OTHER BY SIGHT BUT BY SMELL AND SOUNDS .A observation in my cats :-  Today Tomcat Matata almost mauled his dam Matahari with me intervening to separate them.and receiving serious injuries.I have observed that whenever cat matahari yells in a shrill voice then tomcat Matata rushes furiously to attack her akin to defending his territory against a intruder.It has happened on numerous time but most seriously today.I was working on Matahari trying to remove some fur that had got entangled in her canine tooth due to grooming. She suddenly uttered a shrill "MEOW" to which tomcat Matata instantly pounced on her.Luckily i grabbed him by the tail and in typical Wrestling style flung him across the room and chased him.In the effort i received a severe gash but providence and my quick reflexes saved cat Matahari from severe injury.After a few minutes they both were back to normal and mingling with each other. This proves the fact that cats do not recognize each other by "SIGHT AND APPEARANCES" as we humans do but by "SMELL AND SOUNDS".Normally Matahari has a soft purring sound which does not aggravate tomcat Matata. Its only when the decibel level of Matahari's purr is raised that tomcat Matata gets aggravated thinking her to be another cat,bizarre but true.Could fellow cat owners explain this phenomenon or their own personal experiences with their pet cats or have i made a new discovery in "CAT BEHAVIOUR" ?
House-keeper Miss Sabina.Dias with "Matata".He adores her.

Tomcat Matata develops strange and bizarre skin disease (June 2014) :-
A Section of the "Matted Hair" removed from Matata.

He has been suffering from some strange “Skin Disease” caused by flea infection and i have been bathing him with anti-flea shampoo.This problem has been prevelant since almost a year, the fleas being residents in our house garden pots since both my cats are "Indoor cats", never having stepped out of the house. I have normally bathed him with anti-flea shampoo and there was no matting of his fur. Strangely, the fleas only seem to prefer his fur and not of his dam Matahari as she is perfectly normal having beautiful soft textured fur. Matata's fur is coarse and rough, the ultimate freak kitten , now a tomcat from the litter of 6 kittens.His entire fur sheds akin to a dead animal being skinned or a snake shedding its skin .I can’t take him to a vet to understand the reasons for his skin peeling off as he is a mirror image of a wild cat, extremely ferocious and lethal when cornered or angry.The vet doesn't attend pet patients at home and hence thanks to the Internet  and "P.O.C (Pictures of Cats) website" that  i managed to deduce his freak skin disease. Gave him a bathe  on Wednesday(18-6-2014) and cut off the hanging fur mat which resembles a small carpet,the same shown in the photo .His fur is growing back in places where i have removed the matted fur.He is absolutely normal, hale and hearty. Just wondering as to the type of this unusual disease of skin shedding akin to a snake.He is perfectly normal otherwise. Thanks to "P.O.C(Pictures of Cats)", the on-line "Cat Encyclopedia" that i could at least discuss his strange ailment and get some suggestions from Londoner Mr Michael.Broad the owner of the site, a encyclopedia on cats and cat welfare.I was using "Bay-o-pet brand Bolfo Shampoo" and the same could be the reason for his fur matting.He advised me to change the flea shampoo or stop using the same.
BIZARRE URINATING SEQUENCE OF TOMCAT MATATA :-  A few months since  the end of  2014 tomcat "Matata" has developed a strange  and bizarre urinating sequence that is comic as well as inexpiable by us humans.At times when i use the toilet for urinating i do leave the toilet door open. Strangely tomcat Matata rushes into the toilet and quietly urinates at the door entrance of the toilet while i am simultaneously urinating !He has done this on numerous occasions.A few times i have shewed him away but  since my back faces him while urinating he quickly does his urination before i have time to chase him away. The trouble is that being a male cat his urine stinks a special "Cat Perfume" and getting rid of the smell is a time consuming process  of pouring water over the toilet floor.Whats the reason for this strange behaviour ? Is he marking his territory in comparison to me ? A "Cat Psychologist" would be able to explain this strange and bizarre behaviour of cat Matata.

Tomcat "Matata" behaves like a "Musth Elephant" once a month !(Thursday 9-7-2015) :- Over the months have observed the strange behaviour of tomcat "Matata" whose personality suddenly changes once every month akin to a female cat coming into "Heat" or a Male elephant in "Musth".He starts "Yowling" loudly, especially in the night and goes sniffing around the house for any cat intruder. He also has the tendency to "Spray" his urine around the house and thats the time i am careful to cover my desk-top computer.This behaviour lasts for a few days and then he regains his normal self akin to a male elephant that undergoes "Musth".As explained before its  now a mystery as to the reasons tomcat "Matata" can't mate or doesn't know how to mate .Otherwise he is a normal and ferocious tomcat and a skilled hunter who tries to track the occasional pigeon the perches on our house windows.He also has the jaws of a  Hyena, extremely strong and he loves munching fried chicken leg bones.6 year old tomcat "Matata" is a freak of the cat World in temperament as well as physiology.
Tomcat "Matata" is angry as "Matahari" is sharing his "House Chair".He has spent 6 years of his life since kitten-hood sitting and sleeping on this chair. This is the first time i got to click a photo of both the cats together on "Matata's Chair" .After a few minutes she quit the chair.CATS ARE VERY TERRITORIAL.
Friday(15-4-2016) :- Do i have any "FANS" says "Matata" ?  Tomcat "Matata" on the coffee table, the "Cat Model"..My cats live a "Billionaire cat life" while i their bachelor human owner live a "Middle-class human life" .Who said some animals are more equal ?
Thursday(19-5-2016) :- A "STUDIO PHOTO" in the house while watching "N.B.A Basketball" on T.v