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Monday, July 28, 2014

5 Year old Tomcat Matata has a miraculous recovery from "Accidental Shampoo Poisoning".

Friday(25-7-2014) Tomcat Matata  has a miraculous recovery from accidental "Shampoo Poisoning" :- On Friday(25-7-2014) i gave tomcat matata a "Anti-Flea shampoo" bathe using "Bayo Pet Brand Bolfo Shampoo" recommended for both dogs and cats.After the bathe everything was normal and he got dried naturally.Next morning i found "Cat Vomit" and initially thought that it was cat "Matahari" that vomited as she normally did, vomiting her hairballs.In the afternoon found vomit with traces of blood and realized that it was tomcat Matata that was sick.He had vomited after a bathe once before and seems that the shampoo chemical ingredient was ingested into his system by "Fur Licking", a normal practice of any cat.
Tomcat Matata in deep meditation in a rare posture with the chair as his pillow cushion. Akin to a "Madame Tussaud" exhibit absolutely still without movement.The ultimate Cats lifestyle and lucky to have a obliging human owner.
.I was worried as unlike cat Matahari i could never ever take Matata to the veterinarian as he was scared and vicious when caged or handled by strangers, akin to a wild cat.Akin to a leopard the only method of examining him was by tranquilizing him, bizarre for a pet house cat.I decided to treat him myself and kept him on a more liquid diet of mince meat/soup avoiding adding of carbohydrates like rice, his normal food.The "Blood Vomiting" gradually decreased although the vomiting didn't subside, just became less frequent.In my deepest thoughts i thought that i would lose him to accidental poisoning hoping that he would recover with my  feeding methods as cats are very resilient animals.Finally on Monday(28-7-2014) his vomiting stopped and he became his normal self, eating hearty normal rice/minced meat food and also passing normal stools.Cat Matata has used one of his 9 lives, the closest he had come to death due to accidental shampoo poisoning.Cat owners please beware of the "Anti Flea/Tick Shampoo"  that you use for your pet cat as some shampoo's can be harmful and even kill your cat as it almost happened to tomcat Matata. Most "Anti Fleas/Tick Shampoo's" are manufactured for dogs and are not meant for cats as their system is more delicate than dogs, besides, cats can't be thoroughly wiped dry after a bathe unlike dogs.At times some of the shampoo solution might remain on the cats fur and later licking of the fur by the cat causes the poisoning in the animal.Later after a few months i did give Matata bathe with the same shampoo but made sure it was completely washed from his fur coat.He was absolutely normal after the bathe  and hence seems  that he must have licked some unwashed shampoo  the time he almost lost his life after the "Shampoo Bathe".
"Mumbai street cat" at the cat show.Plans to create a new local breed called "BILLIE"

Mumbai has its first "INTERNATIONAL CAT SHOW" on Sat/Sunday 27th/28th September 2014 :- The first cat show in India was held in Bangalore on Saturday April 27th and Sunday April 28th in 2013 at the "Chancery Pavillion". It was a success and now Mumbai was awaiting its first cat show and the same was held at the "Stallion Banquets" in Prabhadevi, walking distance from my residence.The  cat show  was held on two days akin to a dog show and conducted by the one year old "Indian Cat Federation" owing allegiance to the "World Cat Federation" of Germany.It was titled "Whiskas 2nd International cat show of India" as it was sponsored by pet food manufacturers "Whiskas".Sadly i couldn't exhibit "Matata " due to his aggressive nature towards other cats as well as his shyness of strangers .He is a miniature leopard in temperament, very bizarre for a "Traditional Persian cat" which are considered "Toy pets" by their owners.Another unbelievable fact is that he doesn't know to mate, something very natural in animals.Akin to producing a local breed "BILLIE" i also had plans to mate tomcat "Matata" with his dam "Matahari" and later line breed a new local "Mumbai Traditional cat".My idea was  a grand failure and hope "BILLIE" proves successful in establishing a local Indian bred cat from the common "Street Cat" species akin to the "Arabian Mau" in the Middle-East.Since it was the first ever cat show in Mumbai there were teething problems on the first day but the show was a success and cat owners/fanciers became acquaintances through their cats.Finally a "CAT SHOW" has taken roots in Mumbai city and this should be a annual event akin to "Dog Shows".
"Whiskas 2nd International cat show of India" 
LIVING WITH CATS :-  Thursday (21/6/2018) Summer Solstice Day. ANY FILM OR MODELING ROLES FOR CATS AND MASTER : - Watching the " France v/s Peru " Football World cup qualifiers  match on T.. V. :- Photographer House Caretaker M/s Sabina. Dias

Friday(17-10-2014) Luxury "Whiskas cat food" for the first time :- Cat Matata has been fed on a diet of "HOME COOKED FOOD" consisting of "Minced meat + Rice" and sometimes morsels of fish.This has been his  staple diet since the time  of his birth in  my household  in 2009.At the "Mumbai Cat show" i happened to get 2 packets of "Whiskas Ocean fish", each packet being of 85 gms.I wanted to see if he would eat the jelly type cat food and to my surprise he relished the same.It is recommended to be served at the rate of 1 packet/1 Kg of the cats weight.This was just a complimentary gift and i don't intend feeding my two cats packaged food. Will only feed them in case of emergency.One strange fact that i observed was that although i gave both my fat cats only half of the 85gms packet they seemed content and satisfied.Actually each cat would require a minimum of 3 packets /1 food sitting as per the formula of 1 packet for every 1kg weight of the cat.Here i gave both the cats just 1 packet and they were snoring to glory the entire day !
"Beware cat imposters  before stepping into my domain.I have the longest whiskers and any challengers to the title ? " warns Tomcat Matata.

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